Priscilla Tea


Studying these radically minimized landscapes of memory, I suddenly have the urge to imagine that they were made on a computer; I can almost recognize the software that made them, almost but never completely; this software exists just one level below my consciousness, if that was ever possible. Could we sketch in our subconscious? Could we even have subconscious computers? This is what their images would look like.

Through this invisible software, we almost recognize places we have seen before. Yet maybe we are just imagining these; maybe these paintings are just lines and blocks of color and some shapes. Maybe these are abstract paintings after all. Even if we doubt what is really shown here, somehow the images linger, like retinal residue from screens and landscapes.

When you look at Priscilla Tea’s paintings in real life, the surface of the canvas manifests an almost absurd insistence in the shape of these places, because these horizon lines are painted over and over so many times that the paint finally acquires physical depth, the paint itself becomes a place.

This sharp contradiction on how one perceives the paintings online and how one experiences them physically is perhaps one of the few ways we can enjoy painting today. The physical object is allowed to be more than its representation. The painting is no longer just an image; it is a physical object, a place even, and perhaps Priscilla Tea is already only preparing the ground for places for which to feel this nostalgia. The work understands the contemporary condition of looking at too many images on screens all day long, of continuously mistaking the real work for its mechanical reproduction.

Andreas Angelidakis


b. 1983, Milan, Italy

 Lives and works in Milan. She studied photography at the Institute Bauer in Milan. She works mainly with painting and digital projections. Her large scale canvases are often a collision between digital and painterly gestures, but generally speaking, her concern is the idea of painting after internet. Recent exhibitions include: Remap 4, Preteen gallery, Athens (2013) • I made it through the wilderness, Preteen Gallery, Mexico City (2013) • 2nd Eternal Internet Brotherhood, Xilitla, Mexico (2013) • Guide to the galaxy, Gloria Maria Gallery, Milan (2013).