Marie Bovo


 […] The photographic series Bâb-el-Louk (2006) was produced from the top of a block looking out over a working-class neighbourhood of Cairo. Thus the artist has given us the same viewpoint at different times of the day and night (always by adjusting the shutter opening). Sometimes, the town appears eminently barren, as if dead, crushed under a leaden sun, emptied of its inhabitants, who have fled the heat. Sometimes, in the freshness and obscurity of the night, it comes back to life, pierced here and there by the lights from dwellings. Marie Bovo here captures the passage of time across a city which, on each occasion, is the same and yet different – the variations of luminosity revealing, in the different versions, a new facet of the tangle of narrow alleyways. […]

Richard Leydier, “Marie Bovo, L’écume des jours (The foam of days)”, in Marie Bovo – Monograph, ed. kamel mennour (excerpt)


b. 1967, Alicante, Spain

Lives and works in Marseille, France. Marie Bovo is a photographer and video maker who depicts the human presence as an evanescent phenomenon, appearing and then disappearing in landscapes. By extending exposure, she enables the light to embrace views quietly, letting life passing through time, leaving only discreet prints on the picture. Recent group shows include: The Sea is my Land, MAXXI, Rome (2013) • La belle et la bête, Institut Culturel Bernard Magrez, Bordeaux (2012) • The Mediterranean Approach, [mac] Musée d’ Art Contemporain, Marseille and SESC Pinheiros, Brazil (2012) and Palazzo Zenobio, Venice (2011) • Skyscraper: Art and Architecture Against Gravity, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago (2012) • Busan Biennial, Korea (2012). Solo shows have been recently presented at the Caviar Factory, Norwegian archipelago Lofoten (2013) • OSL Contemporary, Oslo (2012) • Porte d’ Aix, Marseille Provence 2013, Frac PACA, Marseille (2012) • galerie kamel mennour, Paris (2011) • Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris (2010).