Jordi Colomer


“It’s easier getting gold out of men than from rivers”

Bertolt Brecht, The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny, 1927-30

The foundation of a city is not necessarily a heroic act. Everyday a new city begins to be built on water, concrete, sweat, and money. Some are –almost– a pure idea. There are glass cities that grow out of offices and others made from tin and card that dance to the rhythm of their own inhabitants. On one occasion, a group of outlaws was being tailed by the police when their truck broke down in the middle of the desert. They couldn’t keep going or turn back. So they ended up founding a paradise city, the golden city, where the worst crime was not to have any money. That city was called Mahagonny, and Bertolt Brecht envisioned it at the time when Las Vegas came about shaping the image of the city that we recognize today.

In Prohibido Cantar / No Singing a few characters make a gambling den where they offer entertainment games, tricks, love, and food at low prices. The action takes place close to a dusty road, on the same plot of land and during the time in which a great private city was planned. With 32 casinos, Gran Escala planned to attract 25 million visitors, and yet never saw the light of day, but Euro-Vegas, nearby Madrid, took over the project. These images reveal how the city of Eurofarlete thrives, under a blazing sun and strong blowing winds. Fragments of what passed there over two days may help to discern the particular form of organization needed for survival, where everything is on sale at a bargain price or indeed at any price.

Jordi Colomer


b. 1962, Barcelona, Spain

Lives and works between Barcelona and Paris. Enjoying a gifted and marked sculptural sense, his work spans many mediums, centering on photography, video and the staging of both in exhibition areas. The variety of mediums called forth by Jordi Colomer’s work and the transversality of his judgment are undoubtedly linked to his fragmentary education as an architect, an artist and an art historian. Jordi Colomer’s work was the subject of a solo show at the Jeu de Paume in Paris (2008). He exhibited, among other, in BOZAR and ARGOS, Brussels (2012) • Bronx Museum, New York (2011) • Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris (2010) • AKBank Art Center, Istanbul (2010).