Art projections

The 4th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art reaffirms the ties between the visual arts and cinema: “Art Projections” is the title of the new screening program, organized as part of the Biennale’s parallel program by the State Museum of Contemporary Art and The J. F Costopoulos Foundation in collaboration with the 54th Thessaloniki International Film Festival. The screenings will take place from 4 to 9 November 2013 at the Thessaloniki Cinema Museum - Cinémathèque, at the city’s port, showcasing the dialogue between contemporary visual arts and cinema.

Thanks to this first pilot collaboration between the Thessaloniki International Film Festival and the Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art, the public will have the opportunity to watch more than 30 films: a selection of experimental films from the late '60s until the present, related to the general theme of the 4th Thessaloniki Biennale, which is the Mediterranean, as well as short videos by visual artists and documentaries about the life and work of major artists.

The program’s first edition is organized in collaboration with The J. F. Costopoulos Foundation which, throughout the years, has consistently contributed to the research, production, financing and conservation / digitization of experimental films and documentaries.

With screenings of films and documentaries made by a number of filmmakers, from Kostas Sfikas, Lucas Samaras, Maria Klonaris - Katerina Thomadaki, and Antoinetta Angelidιs, to Eve Sussman, Dimitris Kozaris, Stefanos Tsivopoulos, Nicolas Kozakis and Katerina Apostolidou, the Thessaloniki Cinema Museum – Cinémathèque at the city’s Port will welcome the viewers of the program, hoping to have them as allies in an effort that we believe has interest and future, notes the President of the Board of SMCA, Director of the 4th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art, Katerina Koskina, who developed the idea and is the curator of the program.

The program was coordinated by Theodore Markoglou (art historian - curator SMCA) and Magda Tzepkinli (The J.F. Costopoulos Foundation) in collaboration with Thanos Stavropoulos, (TIFF) and Argyro Messimeri (Thessaloniki Cinema Museum – Cinémathèque).


The filmmakers Maria Klonaris and Katerina Thomadaki will give a short introduction to their film ‘Unheimlich I – Dialogue secret’ on Thursday, November 7, at 21:00 and on Friday, November 8, at 15:00.

Also, Antoinetta Angelidis will speak about her films, “The Hours – A square film” on Monday, November 4 at 13:00 and “Thief or reality”, on Tuesday, November 5, at 21:00.



From Monday, November 4 till Saturday, November 9, the screenings will be the followings:

The HoursA  Square Film, Antoinetta Angelidis(Greece, 1995, 80΄)

Thief or Reality, Antoinetta Angelidis (Greece, 2001, 80΄)

Tracing Tracks, Katerina Apostolidou (Greece, 2008 10΄)

The hotel, Katerina Apostolidou(Greece, 2008, 10:47΄)

Persefoneia, Maro Vandorou  (Greece - USA, 2011, 4΄)

Unheimlich I: Dialogue secret , Maria Klonaris – Katerina Thomadaki

(France, 1977-79, 70΄)

Empirical Data, George Drivas, (Greece, 2009, 34΄). Courtesy of the National Museum of Contemporary Art

Star Tricks, Dimitris Kozaris (Germany, 1996, 35΄)

Once upon a time in the Western, Dimitris Kozaris (Greece, 2000, 35΄). Courtesy of the National Museum of Contemporary Art

Self, Lucas Samaras (USA, 1969, 23΄)

The rape of the Sabine women, Eve Sussman & The Rufus Corporation (USA, 2005, 82΄)

Mondelo, Kostas Sfikas (Greece, 1974, 90΄)

Promitheus Enantiodromon, Kostas Sfikas (Greece, 1998, 67΄)

Amnesialand, Stefanos Tsivopoulos (Spain - Holland 2010, 23΄). Courtesy Kalfayan Galleries, Athens-Thessaloniki

Pavlos. The Artist of the Diaspora, George Dambassis (Greece, 1998, 45΄)

I Spend Time with Making: Lucas Samaras, Tassos Rigopoulos – Joanna Yuen (USA, 2013, 73΄)

Stephen Antonakos. A retrospective, Kostas Mazanis (Greece, 2008, 41΄)

Noguchi: Between East and West, George Dambassis (Greece, 2010, 42΄)

The Landing (L’ Approdo delle anime migranti), Simone Salvemini (Italy, 2013, 28΄)

Frammenti di un diario, Heinz-Peter Schwerfel (Germany, 1996, 46΄)

Eleni Boukouri Altamoura – The first Greek woman painter, Kleoni Flessa (Greece, 2010, 56΄)

Costas Tsoclis. You, the last leper, Chronis Pechlivanidis (Greece, 2012, 37’:48’’)

Costas Varotsos alla Morgia, Sharon Peaslee (USA, 1997, 22’:38’’)

Dimitris Alithinos. Hidden Bodies, Dimitris Trikas (Greece, 2010, 16΄)

Yiannis Moralis, Stelios Haralambopoulos (Greece, 2005, 80΄)

In between, Katerina Apostolidou (Greece, 2010, 4΄)

Un Moment d’éternité dans le passage du temps (A moment of eternity in the passage of time), Nicolas Kozakis – Raoul Vaneigem (Belgium, 2012, 5΄)

Our Existence Is a Maze, Nicolas Kozakis – Raoul Vaneigem (Belgium, 2013, 6΄)

D-01, Philippos Kappa (Greece, 2011, 38’’)

A-05, Philippos Kappa (Greece, 2005, 43’’)

Photoflicks series, Lucas Samaras (USA, 2004-2005, 31΄)



The screenings will take place at the Thessaloniki Cinema Museum - Cinémathèque (Warehouse A, Port, tel. +30 2310 508398) with the following schedule: Monday, November 4 –Friday, November 8, 13:00 - 21:00 and Saturday, November 9, 13.00 - 19.00. The entrance is free for the public. Seating upon priority.

Subtitles will be available in a number of films, thanks to kind contribution of Katerina Gouleti and volunteers.

Thessaloniki Cinémathèque Film Library / Cinema Museum of Thessaloniki

“Art Projections”

State Museum of Contemporary Art, 54th International Thessaloniki Film Festival

Venue: Thessaloniki Cinémathèque Film Library / Cinema Museum of Thessaloniki

Duration: 4-9.11.2013

Εαυτός του Λουκά  Σαμαρά (ΗΠΑ, 1969)